Nightclub Berhardt Aarhus Denmark – the safest club in town

The best thing about Aarhus Denmark, is that there is constantly new things there, new constructions, new stores and new nightclubs. Regarding night clubs they are always so updated with new concept, new themes, latest music and they know how to party.

Berhardt Nightclub is one of the newest nightclubs in Aarhus Denmark, and residents of Aarhus are quite satisfied with the new nightclub. Bernhadt would like to invite 21 years old and above to party at their nightclub.

Bernhardt is located underground with architectural lighting, different wallpaper in a very festive colors and lights.

Bernhardt   is very competitive, their strategy is quite different from the rest nightclubs in Aarhus Denmark. Instead of competing to be the best nightclub in town, they have chosen to bring all nightclubs' concept in one place.

Bernhardt Las Vegas Concept

Bernhardt nightclub has got idea from Las Vegas, a city in the U.S. that never sleeps.They have found a new idea lights in the bathroom changes during the night, mirrors in there actually shows that you are more tanned than you actually are, they call it sin-mirror which is actually really funny, for girls who spent 30 % of their time retouching their make up actually won't have to do it in Bernhardt because the mirror will make you feel sexy all night long.

Music style Bernhardt is between 80s and 90s, Dj can be very creative to spin plates on the DJ console.  The concept is a Bodega and a bar at the same time.

You don't have to miss anything in Bernhardt because everything happens at Bernhardt. Everyone is welcome you just have to be 20 years old and above.

This is Aarhus' safest nightclub in town. They have been very creative with their Surveillance camera. They have installed one in their comfort rooms and at the entrance, and every corner in the nightclub. The bathroom is located at the entrance where the doormen can keep an eye on the guests. Aarhus has invented this idea because most uncomfortable moments happen in the bathroom, also this is to decrease the drug abuse in nightclubs in Aarhus. The safety is not only for the guests but also the parents can feel comfortable knowing that their kids are partying safe.

Surveillance camera is not for the staff can laugh about the guests or point out funny faces on the screen it is for guests can have a good festive evening without losing things or being abused or many other negative experiences.

Bernhardt opens their doors from 11pm and the minimum age is 20 years old but on Saturdays you have to be 22 years old to get into Bernhardt.

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 27/11/2010

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