Rar Bar – cozy nightclub in Aarhus Denmark

Ra bar located in Denmark Aarhus, Jægergårdsgade on an oasis.
Rar bar is closest to a cafe rather than a nightclub or bar.  The Rar Bar has a bar with delicious cocktails and a range of beers and Rar Bar lives up to its name. Rar in Danish means nice.

The staff are nice and you get good service.  The staff is also very service-minded and they can make you feel invited and comfortable all the same.

Are you looking for a wild night in town, Rar Bar is notthe place to be, Rar Bar is more for intimate chatting under the night sky, or inside in their lovely nice night café atmosphere.
Although Rar Bar is a relaxing place and a quite place compared to the nightclubs in town, they still manage to hire a DJ to play for their guests, to know more about the DJs at Rar Bar go to their website at RarBAr

Rar bar can accommodate 200 guests. You can also have your private party at Rar Bar

Rar Bar is nicely decorated with a cozy atmosphere. The name Rar means nice, which really put a thought of the concept. The seats are comfortable and cozy in other words really nice!

The house offers good coffee, different kinds of beer and cocktails, and good interesting food at reasonable prices.  Rar Bar is open from 11 am therefore they breakfast, brunch, salads, burgers sandwiches, homemade toast and desserts.

Soup Club on Rar Bar

Every Saturday the Rar Bar have a Soup club, where the chef prepares three course menu and good music form the best Dj in town, after dinner that is! Soup Club is a all night event, where people come together at Rar bar to dine and hear good music with their good friends. Usually there are lots of people gather together on such occasion. Some start their evening here and move on to their party destination. Here you can also have a warm up with their different cocktails.

Because lots of Aarhus residents love to come to Rar Bar on Saturdays it is required to have a table reservation and you can do that by calling 86 19 60 90 and the event starts from 7. You have 1 hour from 7 pm to come or else the table will be given to another guest.

The price of the soup club,

Private Parties at Rar Bar

Tto have a private party at Rar bar is easy you get your own cook. Lounge area for you and your guests, good music and food to go, meaning if you don't get to eat all the food that has been prepared you are welcome to take it home.

Rar Bar, the name says it all

Concepts of Rar bar is according to their name NICE, this means this is a place for nice intimate evening with your date, your hubby or your girlfriend/boyfriend to be, you can expect good mood from the guests and staff, the place s so cozy that you can't help but be very romantic.

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  • Jesper says:

    Rar Bar is a cool place. If you like Rar Bar, you would also like Cafe Ris Ras. A cosy little place with a huge beer selection, great coffee and shisha pipes.

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