Global - a nightclub and concert scene in Denmark Copenhagen

Global is the Copenhagen's concert scene of world music in all different genre, Ska, Reggae, Balkan, Klezmer.Cumbia. Funk and many more. Every music genre is found here.

Global is to be said the second of Africans ghetto and Rios, from Bulgarian wedding to mystical events. This a place were authentic is being expressed. Are you culture lover. You find different cultures here.

As the club represents both wide selection of the best international and national bands and some of the world's most progressive DJs are invited here at Global. For many Global have experience world's best music, professional productions and they have the best musical systems operated here. Which is one of the reasons why lot international artist choose to have their concert at Global.

Global is wayu to let Danish experience all kinds of music from different part of the world. There arelots of clubbing events and musical events are being held at Global includes festivals, venues, organizations and also WOMEX.

There are also lots of volunteer workers at Global just to experience the world of music.

For tickets to Global's concert

As a general rule you have to get a ticket to see a concert at Global, you have to make the ticket reservations ahead of time. You will find their upcoming concerts and events. You can check their event plan on their website Global

You can also check their prices for concerts.

You find Global Copenhagen at Norre Alle 7 Copenahagen for more information call their office which is open from 10 am to 3 pm.

If you are a musician or sponsor you can contact their marketing Coordinator, here

Global offers good music, beers, cocktails, friendly and service minded staff as well as the best evening of your life.

For pictures of Global Copenhagen go to their Website here

For more pictures and comments on Global Copehagen they have a Facebook account right here

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