KOMA – new nightclub in Odense

KOMA's concept is to give Odense, Denmark the best nightlife with good quality music and great celebration. The KOMA's goal is to change how the Danes party by collecting the best DJs in the country to shake the city Odense.

KOMA offers good drinks, cocktails and music that moves across the dance floor.  You never get time to sit down.

Music from foreign star like
› Denis Horvat
› Jeasn Von Baden
› Jonas Sellberg
› Simon Le Bon
› Thomas Funck

And many more famous names will come and be a part of your evening’s highlight.

It is better if you get a table reservation if you have decided to spend a Saturday night at KOMA, the bar and dance floor as well as the seats can easily be filled with party people from Odense, Denmark.

By table reservation it is a must that you are at least 4 people sharing a table and with the price you get a free bottle of liquor.

Table reservations can be made on this number 30 80 90 21

KOMA have balconies where guests have the opportunity for your dating partner to talk in peace and quite.

Age limit

KOMA is open every Saturday from 11 pm to 5 am, and you must be minimum 18 years old to be invited in to KOMA

KOMA bar and disco

KOMA offers the best cocktails in town, you can't miss the big bar it is located in the middle of everything. It is also a kitchen and a bar at the same time, you find the chief preparing meals. You don't get out of KOMA without having to taste their cocktails which is the very best in town. This Place is called KOMA, and they live up to their name, with their really good cocktails you and the best party music and great ambiance, you will be knocked out like you were in a coma the next day.
KOMA promoter JONAS BACK STROM has ensured that Odense residents never experience a dull evening or night in Odense, Denmark.

KOMA is located at BRANDT CROSSING 37

Anyone over 18 years are welcome all you need to bring is your party mood.
The country's best Dj;s are invited to give Odense residents a reasonable mixed music of all types.

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 24/11/2010

2 Responses to “KOMA – new nightclub in Odense”

  • Marie-Daphné Douchement says:


    We are students in VIA University College in Horsens. We are working on a final project which topic is : implementing the concept of “Vodka in tube” in Denmark and especially in nightclubs and bars.

    We are looking for information about the Nightclub market and we thought about the Hvemeribyen for having relevant information.

    We would like to know your opinion about this product (if you heard about it) and if it could work in Denmark?

    Thank you for paying attention to this request,

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    Best Regards,

    Rachel Jouffe, Marie-Daphné Douchement, Lukas Stolinski, Marcin Wolski, Pawel Gamza

    • Mr. Fest says:

      To be honest I don’t even know about this vodka tube thing.. But I have just searched and found it.. Even though I know a lot about the bars etc. I have no idea if they would be a succes.. I think I’m not in the target group for the product, so for me it looks kinda ridiculous.. I prefer a long drink or a cocktail in a nice glass – or a qulity beer in a cosy bar. 🙂 But younger people going to dance clubs etc. might think it’s new and interesting – I would not be surprised to hear if it was a succes places like that. Also it might be convinient for festivals and concerts..
      Good luck with you import adventure, should you decide to go beyond your project and import some yourself! 🙂

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