La Tequila Bar – finest cocktail bar in Odense Denmark

La Tequila Bar is located at Vintappersstræde Odense Denmark, where you can get cocktails in reasonable price, everything form famous, exotic cocktail and their own mix of cocktail drinks.

If you are a cocktail lover, you will love La Tequila Bar, they serve many famous cocktails, there are also mixed bottles, foreign beers and the best of all tequila shots which will only cost 10 danish kroner.

La Tequila Bar is known for its 10 kr tequila shots, cocktails for the price 65 DKK

La Tequila Bar is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 pm to 05 am, and the minimum age   is 20 years old. If you need a place for a good Saturday night party, La tequila Bar is the place for you. They also offer besides the reasonable pricing of their tequila and cocktails, they offer 1 hour free beer.
Winter time in Odense Denmark, but La tequila can change that!

La tequila Bar bring forth the exotic beach reasort to you, this means that La tequila Bar has decorated their nightclub in an exotic setting, with beach sand on the floor, Hawaiin Decoras on the wall, surf board and speed boats in the corner of the bar. The bar itself look so exotic you will think that you are in another country. Let your imagination fill the evening, imagine yourself you are in a sunny beach in Thailand or somewhere exotic. Nevertheless La tequila Bar has made small cabins for their guest made of bamboo, with really charming decorations.
See some pictures of La Tequila Bar

La Tequila Bar Beach bar concept, that one feels one is on vacation in the exotic countries.  Accommodation at LA Tequila Bar is quite exotic, staff at La Tequila Bar has their Hawaiian costume or Mexican or Cuban outfits.

Private party with Hawaiian theme or beach party theme

You can have your private party at La Tequila Bar, you can choose to have a theme party where you and your guests have Hawaiian concept or beach party theme. La tequila Bar offer one hour free Carlsberg beer for you and your guests. You can contact LA Tequila Bar

Special Events at LA Tequila Bar

You can always expect good party atmosphere at La Tequila Bar, and if you want to be a part of La Tequila Bar VIP on their special events such as Baywatch, J day or be updated whenever they have special events you should go to their website and get a membership.

No matter what the events are the prices don't change and you can always expect 10 danisk kroner for their tequila shots and 65 danish kroner for their cocktails and you can have side dish as well because their kitchen also offer exotic food. You can read more on their website.

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 26/11/2010

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