Rosie McGee’s – nightclub and restaurant

Find the most relaxing nightclub in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Introducing: the Rosie Mcgee's night club and restaurant.

Good music and good food is not just everything Rosie McGee’s has to offer.  The most fantastic party atmosphere is what you find at Rosie Mcgee's read more here
Good food on the table before the party begins

Rosie McGee’s is also a restuarant which is known for its Mexican and Texican menu.The place serves tradional Tex-Mex cuisine in the traditional manner.  Rosie McGee’s also has a whole lot of other dishes on the menu, appetizers, main courses and desserts, both Danish and foreign beers as well hot and cold drinks.

You can read more about their unusual dishes on their home page at

Let the party begin

From 11 pm Rosie McGee’s tunes up for the festive mood.  They serves good Danish or foreign Beer, cocktails and more.  Rosie McGee’s has 2 dance floors, and they also have well known DJs from across the country playing music for them.  With the best and nice bartender, you can experience the best night in Copenhagen.

They also keep special events.  King and rock, Decco Band, etc. For more information go to their website

Company parties are most at Rosie McGee’s

Rosie McGee’s also offers private parties where you can rent Rosie McGee.  The price is reasonable and you get the best office party ever.  It costs 239 per head, in which both entrance and   locker room price is included.

The service is good and the chef can help you plan the menu for your party.

Rosie McGee’s is located in the heart of Copenhagen Vesterbrogade 30 seconds from City Hall.  Which also makes it easy to find for your guests.

Forget about standing in line to get your beer or soft drinks, Rosie McGee’s has 4 bars, the only nightclub with 4 bars in Copenhagen.

You do not need to reserve your table to get good seats for Rosie McGee’s has 2 floors and is decorated so you have easy access to the bar and dance floor.

A truly adventurous and relaxed celebration.

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 20/11/2010

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