Vega – good atmosphere and party-people in one place!

Facts about Vega

Can you imagine the size of Vega when I say that Vega has been named Europe’s largest concert scene?  It is the one in 2009; it has been named to be the biggest concert scene throughout Europe, where it invited more than 300,000 visitors.

Big Vega has the capacity to invite 1500 people but the little Vega can invite 500 people.

There is annually held around 250 concerts on Vega Concert Stage.  Vega has not only held concerts but also other events such as fashion events, and other great clubbing events.

Vega has also opened doors for famous stars such as, for example, Norah Jones, Moby, Foo Fighters, Blur and even Kylie Minogue has set her feet on Vega Concert Stage.

Other known people such as DJ Fatboy Slim, Girl Talk, Erol Alkan, DJ Shadow has also visited Vega

Where to Find Vega?

Vega is at the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark,   the Music House, Enghavevej 40th

Guest Capacity Vega

Big VEGA (capacity 1500 people)
Small VEGA (capacity 500 persons)
VEGA Lounge and bar (capacity 330 persons)
Ideal Bar (capacity 275 persons)

Ideal Bar

Vega is pretty big, so it has been split into 4 different parts. One part is called VEGA Ideal Bar, The Ideal Bar is located on the corner of Enghavevej and Rejsby Street.  This part of VEGA is the most integrated part of VEGA, cozy bar with artistic profile.  Here on Wednesday to Saturday are the parties being held

Here is their weekly schedule on

For more information about VEGA and see their weekly schedule and music events.

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 20/11/2010

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