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The Australian Bar – Pool, live music and cheap drinks

General Information on the Australian Bar Copenhagen Denmark

Australian Bar pool is located at Vestergade 10, 2 minutes walk from Stroget or the Shopping Street.
Australian bar started to be a place where you can play Billiards or Pool Bar where you can enjoy their delicious cold beer and other cocktails while playing pool with friends.

Australian bar have longer opening hours than most Nightclubs in Copenhagen, Denmark,   precisely because it is also a partial Billiard Pool bar.

On weekends, is open from 5pm till 6am

Why is Australian Bar and Pool Bar popular?

Australian bar is a very relaxed place to be, all the people you meet in the house is down two earth people that you can easily be friends with, you can easily make new friends at the Australian Bar.

Not only do they serve beer and drinks at reasonable good prices, but they have also found a new concept which they call 10 kroner bar. This means that you get a tequila shot for only 10 danish kroner

Everyone is welcome and can you come as you are!

Australian Bar or by the young people call it today A-bar, you can come in whatever clothes you are most comfortable with. And the entrance fee is very reasonable.
Their slogan is “All are welcome but be nice!”

That means that whoever you are, whatever style you have you are certainly welcome as long as you are nice and take considerations of others. Like all other nightclubs in town Australian Bar don't want to get into trouble or have their guests feel uncomfortable.

You can of course visit their website and check out their rules and regulations as well as their dress codes at Australian Bar

Australian Bar can be rented out for private parties

Like other clubs, you have the opportunity to rent Australian Bar for your private party.  You can of course expect that your guests will not get bored, the Pool tables are for you and your guests alone.

The best part is that it is FREE to have private parties at A-bar, all you have to do is invite a whole bunch of joyful and fun party loving people your private party.  You can have the place for you and your guests from 8 pm to 11 pm, after than everyone has access to the Pool bar.

VIP at the Australian Bar

If you are satisfied with A-bar you have the opportunity to get VIP card by visiting their website VIP

You can send them an email where you want the VIP card, VIP card get you and a friend free access to the bar for the rest of the year.  You get invitations to VIP events, you get also a whole different price for playing Pool.

All that A-bar wants from you in return is that you help give flyers, posters and tickets at either your workplace or school.

LIVE music at the A-bar
You are the Dj at A-bar, you decide what songs to play on the speakers while you have a good time laying pool or drinking at bar with a friend or 2. A-bar has an electronic DJ machine, where you insert a coin choose your favorite song and press play. It only costs you 2 danish kroner per song.

You can ask the bartender to play your own mixed CD if you ask nicely!

Get more information on their website Australian Bar

here you can also get contact information if you would like to reserve a table TOTALLY FREE on Australian Bar!!

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 25/11/2010