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Disco IN Copenhagen Denmark - a place for electro light lovers!

Discotheque IN is very popular in Copenhagen Denamrk, every weekend the place is full of party lovers from age 18 and above. Disco IN is located at the heart of Copenhagen Denmark, 3 minutes walk from the City Hall.

IN opened its doors for the first time in 1996 and has gained the Copenahgen party animals attention with its wild concept of electro light show. As soon as you pay for the entrance fee, there is free beer at the bar!

Party Mood at IN hasn't change a bit, many people from Copenhagen and other part of the country still choose IN rather than the other night clubs in town for their wildest night in town. The Disco IN will definitely not disappoint those tourists who choose IN for their party nightlife.

DJ team is what disco IN is all about

In invites all the best of the best DJs in the country and from abroad to satisfy their wild audience. Many of these Djs have been across Europe to play their remixes…Disco IN's experience quite a different party atmosphere here, the dance floor is really on fire.

Lots of Djs likes to play at Disco IN because of their advanced equipments and In is probably the owner of the loudest music system in Copenhagen.

You never get thirsty at Disco IN

Despite the massive appearance on IN, you will never experience being in line for your drinks, since IN have 6 bars in the house that ensures the guests will never go thirsty. We all know how it is with other nightclubs when there are many people it will almost take 30 minutes or an hour before you get a drink. At IN you will never have to experience that. In has lots of bartenders and bars around the house. NO matter which floor you find yourself there is a bar right next to you.
Also forget the unpleasant experience getting to a nightclub, IN has it all organized you don't have to wait long to get in they have tons of doormen to check your stuff and get you inside you don't have to wait forever outside.
After Party at Discotheque IN

Most after parties are being held at IN , because IN is open until 10 am in the morning, or until there are guests in the house IN stays open. This is the only nightclub in town that has long opening hours. So if you aren't tired form bar hoping end your wild life at Disco IN they will still serve you drinks even if the sun has risen.

What is electro light show?

Let's get back to electro light show, the one I mentioned above the reason why IN is so popular amongst all nightclubs. If you are not familiar with electro light show let me explain further here.

Light show is show with electronic lights in different colors for better understanding you better see some pictures here

Disco IN owns the largest dance floor in Copenhagen or even in the country,   which is set in the middle of the house.  Dance floor introduce whole house concept is to dance under amazing light show and great music.

The electro lights really attracts the guests to dance all night long, and the best DJ team to make the dance floor even hotter.

Look who’s playing at Disco IN

Discos IN is divided into 3 section,

La Hacienda – a place to warm up with small beverage quiet songs on the speakers or dance music but not quite the wildest rhythm.  La hacienda opens at 11pm, dance floor is still vigorous, and the soft sofas around makes it a very relaxing and intimate place.  La hacienda, the name itself sounds so exotic and it is the concept disco IN will hit at La Hacienda.

La Hacienda still holds the best DJ in the country.  Will you be at the La Hacienda is also a great place to party all night, because good drinks and good music are also offered here!


On the jukebox you can get good bite, a cozy little place.  Here you can sing along to songs with a series of song list on the table.  Somewhat a karaoke bar, here you can warm up before you move on to the electro light show of your night.

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Nightclub Berhardt Aarhus Denmark – the safest club in town

The best thing about Aarhus Denmark, is that there is constantly new things there, new constructions, new stores and new nightclubs. Regarding night clubs they are always so updated with new concept, new themes, latest music and they know how to party.

Berhardt Nightclub is one of the newest nightclubs in Aarhus Denmark, and residents of Aarhus are quite satisfied with the new nightclub. Bernhadt would like to invite 21 years old and above to party at their nightclub.

Bernhardt is located underground with architectural lighting, different wallpaper in a very festive colors and lights.

Bernhardt   is very competitive, their strategy is quite different from the rest nightclubs in Aarhus Denmark. Instead of competing to be the best nightclub in town, they have chosen to bring all nightclubs' concept in one place.

Bernhardt Las Vegas Concept

Bernhardt nightclub has got idea from Las Vegas, a city in the U.S. that never sleeps.They have found a new idea lights in the bathroom changes during the night, mirrors in there actually shows that you are more tanned than you actually are, they call it sin-mirror which is actually really funny, for girls who spent 30 % of their time retouching their make up actually won't have to do it in Bernhardt because the mirror will make you feel sexy all night long.

Music style Bernhardt is between 80s and 90s, Dj can be very creative to spin plates on the DJ console.  The concept is a Bodega and a bar at the same time.

You don't have to miss anything in Bernhardt because everything happens at Bernhardt. Everyone is welcome you just have to be 20 years old and above.

This is Aarhus' safest nightclub in town. They have been very creative with their Surveillance camera. They have installed one in their comfort rooms and at the entrance, and every corner in the nightclub. The bathroom is located at the entrance where the doormen can keep an eye on the guests. Aarhus has invented this idea because most uncomfortable moments happen in the bathroom, also this is to decrease the drug abuse in nightclubs in Aarhus. The safety is not only for the guests but also the parents can feel comfortable knowing that their kids are partying safe.

Surveillance camera is not for the staff can laugh about the guests or point out funny faces on the screen it is for guests can have a good festive evening without losing things or being abused or many other negative experiences.

Bernhardt opens their doors from 11pm and the minimum age is 20 years old but on Saturdays you have to be 22 years old to get into Bernhardt.

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 27/11/2010