Bar 7 - a sophisticated night club

A new and elegant sophisticated designed bar

Bar 7 began as a fancy cocktail bar, here you can always expect the best cocktails in town.

Bar 7 is decorated in a sophisticated way with nice soft seats and the club’s decorations gives makes the place perfect.  Everyone is welcome at Bar 7 which is found on Studiestræde 7 Copenhagen.

Simple concept from Bar 7

you find many nightclubs in Copenhagen Denmark, which offers cocktails in various colors and flavors, but Bar 7 are cocktail experts in Copenhagen who offers the best cocktails in town.  Party people aren't just crazy about their cocktails but also the warm atmosphere you sense as soon as you enter the Bar 7 night club.

Bar 7 has invented a concept in their bar that you feel at home.  It’s like being in the comfort of your own living room, the difference is that you get served good cocktails and hear good music and meet new friendly and talkative people.

The bar has 2 floors with a capacity of 250 people, lots of private and open spaces.  The most attractive part of the place is the Mosaic wall and collection of modern art.

Best cocktail in town at the Bar 7 so it is said:

7 Bar cocktail menu is very exciting, their wide list of cocktails will give you the best experience.  Best cocktails at the Bar 7 because you are served by a professional bartender who has knowledge of many cocktails from around the world.

You get a taste of various cocktails such as Martini, MOSCOW MULE, Mojito, Sober MUNK, COM CARPET, Sinners SIP and many others.

Events and private parties at Bar 7

Bar 7 would like to hold on to their relaxed and sexy concept, therefore, they don't have dress code like every other nightclubs in town,   but don't come if you are in your bedtime outfit or wear clothes like you are terrorist on tour, don't need be overdressed to come to Bar 7 but dress nicely if you like.

There is a entrance fee at Bar 7

The entrance payment can vary from what events that is held on Bar 7. For table reservations, the basic rules are make the reservations nights before you are coming to Bar 7, and come before midnight or your table will be given to another guest and you have to order at least one bottle of liquor. The table is yours all night, there is no time limit. For table reservation fee please do visit their website on

For private parties, it is best to take the PRIVATE ROOM, where they also have a pool table, private Pool room can have 100 guests, where the other lounge room can accommodate 25 people. The price can also be seen on their website.

Bar 7 have weekly events where the most popular DJs in Copenhagen are invited to play their own remixes, music such as Raggae, rock n roll and dance music are played on Bar 7.
You can get their event plan on their website at

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