Celcius Copenhagen – for RnB and Urban lovers

Celcius existed since 2006, it started as a techno style night club, Celcius has many times changed the style and concept, for in the beginning it didn't caught the Copenhagen resident's attention

From March 2010 Celsius has found a new concept for his nightclub and aimed rnb and urban lovers party people.

Celcius is decorated with stylish and relaxed design, with a great view of Copenhagen's City hall and main city street; Celcius is divided into different rooms, main room with movable furniture in a really good scale design.

3 mobile bars distributed in different rooms

Celsius owns 3 Mobile bars which is distributed in 3 places, there is a main bar which is located in the middle which is the biggest mobile bar in the house. Another mobile bar in the smoking area, and the 3rd mobile bar is located at a more private and intimate area in the house for more intimate talk with your girlfriend or for flirting sessions, this is also a semi private room also good for private parties.

Your own party at Celcius

You can rent Celcius for your own private party, Celcius is willing to cooperate with you to give you a successful celebration.

Celcius have partnership with a variety of restaurants where you can order food from. For more information on private parties' visit their website at Booking Celcius

Celcius is exclusive

This means that you must be on the guest list before you can enter the night club. It also means that you feel safer because everyone inside the bar has a record at the door their contact information and so on. So if something might happen to you, you have all the information from the doorman. And because of this many people feel so much safer.

This also means if you are not on the list then you don't get t come inside. So make sure to make a few phone calls and get your friends and your name on the list if you choose Celcius as your party destination
Music in Celcius

As I said, Celcius chose to play RnB and urban music, but they also invite famous pop star as Nina Sky’s play live on their stage.

They also keep the special events that AZN CON, they also have the country’s best DJs come to visit, they also keep the theme parties such as Halloween Party, New Year’s celebration and many others.  You can enter their website and see what is on the schedule for this weekend at Events Schedule at Celcius

Entrance Fee

At Celcius, the entrance fee at 100kr.  The entrance fee may vary by events.  You must be 18 years old to enter the Celcius and like other clubs in the country dress code rules such as no head clothing, no visible tattoos, nice shoes, nice blouses, men no armless t-shirts allowed and no baggy pants that could look like a machine gun could fit in there. Dress nice and casual.

Everybody is welcome just don't look too suspicious for the doorman to reject you.

Posted in Copenhagen - Written by maya on 26/11/2010

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