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Disko Dasko - Party the night away

Where to find Disko Dasko

Disko Dasko can be found in Copenhagen the capital of Denmark, on Knabrostræde 3 København K to be exact.

Disko Dasko is one of the most popular Night club in Copenhagen Denmark

Great party, amazing music being played on the dance floor, great relaxed ambiance is what you need after a week of hard work. Pamper your self with good drinks and great party ambiance with your friends and get the party started till dawn breaks.

What does Disko Dasko offer besides their large dance floor?

First their well known Djs from all over the country, famous Djs such as DJ Christian, Dj Jonah and DJ Andre, play their very own mix of good dance music on Disko Dasko.

Let's get to know Disko Daskos and Copenhagen's most popular DJ around.

DJ Christian - has had 20 years of experience as DJ, he has played at Absalon Disco/ night club which is also one of the popular nightclubs in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been playing in other popular nightclubs in major cities in Denmark. He has even compiled his own collection or remix on a cd. If you are a fan of DJ Christian, you might already own his compilation

DJ Jonah - has also had many experience in being a nightclub DJ. His great remixes and good sense of humor has taken him into another level also this kind of party attitude has brought him thousand of audience and he can get any person to shake it off on the dance floor whether you are 18 or 50 years old I am sure you will love this Dj, his collection of remixes is broad and wide.

DJ Andre or aka Jonax - has also had quite experience in playing music at various night clubs all around Denmark and the capital city. He is pretty good at sneaking new rhythms in his remixes that will definitely result to a festive music with the right flow.

Services on Disko Dasko

Disko dasko offers services such as what they call Black and White Mobile Disco. Mobile Disco means that they bring the party to you and your guests. Whether it is wedding, confirmations and Christmas parties as well as office parties or other private events. They also offer music during dinner, karaoke to bring a little unique celebration to your private fest. You even get your own Dj to play music that will guarantee you a unforgettable party.

What genre of music does Disko Dasko Play?

Dosko Dasko with their talented and partyminded Djs you can expect creative blend of music, from Danish Pop, Lady Gaga remixes, Hip Hop and Jazz. Got your own favorite Dj with his own remix of different music, you can choose the night when he will be there to entertain the Disko Dasko guests. You find more information and as well as DJ schedule right here

For more information about Disko Dasko visit their website at
Here you will find general information about the disco and the cool services, DJs and the type of music they play.  Here you can also get in touch with their party planner if you are going to have a private party soon. Have a great nightlife with Disko Dasko. ENJOY!

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Rust – get a very mixed experience in one place

If you’re looking for a good evening and good concert with friends then Rust spot for you.
Rust is in Norrebro, Guldbergsgade 8 to be precise, a small town in Copenhagen with full life.

Is Rust a place for you?

Let us go in depth what Rust has to offer.  Rust is one of Copenhagen’s classic nightclubs.  Here we meet different people, with good humor with down to earth attitude.

Rust is an inspiring place with delicious drinks and relaxed environment.

Rust is divided into three

Lounge and cocktail bar – room for 75 people

Big Bar or Main Bar – Round bar near the dance floor, space for the nights DJ and a stage. Here there is room for 250 party people

Basement or cellar – very intimate room with DJ spot, suitable for intimate private parties or pre clubbing events.  In here Rust can accommodate 150 people and this part of the house is mostly used for private parties or corporate parties, except on Fridays and Saturdays after midnight.

If you want to have a private party at Rust you have to read their rules, this is their website

You can expect good music on being played on the speakers and good concerts as well at Rust.

Rust is divided into 2 floors and basement, where it can welcome 530 guests in total. Rust started as a venue for concerts.  They have preserved the very concept where Rust started by keeping the Live Music every Thursday.

Funeral scenes are clearly made for the commercial style of music as hip hop, electronic, indie rock and much more.

Are you a real nightclub lover, Rust is open 5 days a week and invites many of the best DJs in Copenhagen and across from every corner of Denmark even foreign DJs are invited to the Rust to entertain you.

DJs like CopyFlex, J-Ro, Jaded and AK47.

Concert at Rust
Usually the concert at Rust starts from at 9pm to 11pm and there is no minimum age. The big party usually starts from midnight till 5 am in the morning, where the minimum age of 20 years.  Wednesday and Thursday from age 18 years and up.
All nightclubs in Copenhagen, Denmark it is required to show ID if you want to go through the big door man.

Drinks that are offered at Rust

Rust is mostly about good music, but of course good drinks is part of the evening’s highlight.  Beer is what mostly served at Rust but they are not entirely behind with their cocktails as they also serve the many great cocktails.

If you are a smoker then Rust also has a place for.  Rust has taken care of their smoker guests as well by having a smoking area, this area in the house is called “upstairs”. In here you pull away from the crowded dance floor and lean back with a cigarette.
Rust Upstairs concept came back to the time where Rust was a place you could get good food and good conversation with new people.  Rust has given this environment back to the guests.  Upstairs is a place in the house where you have the ability to flirt with your dream woman or man in peace and tranquility.

In here you can hear alternative hitlist being played on the speakers, long table with wall mirrors which creates a good laid back atmosphere.

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Vega – good atmosphere and party-people in one place!

Facts about Vega

Can you imagine the size of Vega when I say that Vega has been named Europe’s largest concert scene?  It is the one in 2009; it has been named to be the biggest concert scene throughout Europe, where it invited more than 300,000 visitors.

Big Vega has the capacity to invite 1500 people but the little Vega can invite 500 people.

There is annually held around 250 concerts on Vega Concert Stage.  Vega has not only held concerts but also other events such as fashion events, and other great clubbing events.

Vega has also opened doors for famous stars such as, for example, Norah Jones, Moby, Foo Fighters, Blur and even Kylie Minogue has set her feet on Vega Concert Stage.

Other known people such as DJ Fatboy Slim, Girl Talk, Erol Alkan, DJ Shadow has also visited Vega

Where to Find Vega?

Vega is at the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark,   the Music House, Enghavevej 40th

Guest Capacity Vega

Big VEGA (capacity 1500 people)
Small VEGA (capacity 500 persons)
VEGA Lounge and bar (capacity 330 persons)
Ideal Bar (capacity 275 persons)

Ideal Bar

Vega is pretty big, so it has been split into 4 different parts. One part is called VEGA Ideal Bar, The Ideal Bar is located on the corner of Enghavevej and Rejsby Street.  This part of VEGA is the most integrated part of VEGA, cozy bar with artistic profile.  Here on Wednesday to Saturday are the parties being held

Here is their weekly schedule on

For more information about VEGA and see their weekly schedule and music events.

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Rosie McGee’s – nightclub and restaurant

Find the most relaxing nightclub in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Introducing: the Rosie Mcgee's night club and restaurant.

Good music and good food is not just everything Rosie McGee’s has to offer.  The most fantastic party atmosphere is what you find at Rosie Mcgee's read more here
Good food on the table before the party begins

Rosie McGee’s is also a restuarant which is known for its Mexican and Texican menu.The place serves tradional Tex-Mex cuisine in the traditional manner.  Rosie McGee’s also has a whole lot of other dishes on the menu, appetizers, main courses and desserts, both Danish and foreign beers as well hot and cold drinks.

You can read more about their unusual dishes on their home page at

Let the party begin

From 11 pm Rosie McGee’s tunes up for the festive mood.  They serves good Danish or foreign Beer, cocktails and more.  Rosie McGee’s has 2 dance floors, and they also have well known DJs from across the country playing music for them.  With the best and nice bartender, you can experience the best night in Copenhagen.

They also keep special events.  King and rock, Decco Band, etc. For more information go to their website

Company parties are most at Rosie McGee’s

Rosie McGee’s also offers private parties where you can rent Rosie McGee.  The price is reasonable and you get the best office party ever.  It costs 239 per head, in which both entrance and   locker room price is included.

The service is good and the chef can help you plan the menu for your party.

Rosie McGee’s is located in the heart of Copenhagen Vesterbrogade 30 seconds from City Hall.  Which also makes it easy to find for your guests.

Forget about standing in line to get your beer or soft drinks, Rosie McGee’s has 4 bars, the only nightclub with 4 bars in Copenhagen.

You do not need to reserve your table to get good seats for Rosie McGee’s has 2 floors and is decorated so you have easy access to the bar and dance floor.

A truly adventurous and relaxed celebration.

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Park Café - A place with festive ambiance

General Information about Park Café

Park Café is located at Osterbrogade Copenhagen Denmark, the house on Osterbrogade has changed a lot. Today Park Café is a house with lots of activities especially at night. Here you can dance the night away with your friends or meet new friends.

There are plenty of things to do at the Park Café, for example you can rent party facilities for corporate parties, private fests such as weddings, christening or even birthday celebrations.

Park Café also offers good food and coffee during the day

Park Café isn't just a night club, I am sure you have noticed the word café meaning Park café is also a café. By day Park Café offers good coffee and good food, you can enjoy a hot coffee here, with a relaxed and laid back ambiance, while enjoying a good coffee and a great city view.

Park Café at night is called Disco Park

Disco Park owns 3 scenes were you can enjoy live music at night.

VIP on Disco Park

If you want to feel like a Hollywood star while you are in Copenhagen Denmark, you have make a table reservations ahead of time. Disco Park is crowded on the weekends so it might be a great idea to make a table reservations if you have planned to go to Disco Park with a couple of good friends. You will get great seats and the service from the staff is amazing.

But getting a table reserved for you and your friends is going to cost you Dkk. 2000 which they include 2 bottles of liquor and 4 pitchers of water, snacks, fruits and for the price you get a good service from their professional and partyminded staff.

* This price may vary by events.

Getting a VIP access to the club makes you feel like a Hollywood star, when you arrive you have your own host or hostess that will follow you to your table. Besides the table reservation fee you have to pay the entrance fee. Unfortunately this is not included in the reservation fee.

Dress Code At Park Nightclub

Park Nightclub has their own special rules, such as special clothing or dress code as it is known and age limit.

You can read more about their rules on their website at Park cafe

Park club have their amazing DJs

Let me introduce you to the Park nightclub DJs

Jack Marone
He has been a DJ at the Park nightclub since 2004, Marone is known for his funky beats with mixed with his good mood and happy party music.

Ronin is known to organize parties as RAW, Urbanical, Ministry of Sound fro more eend 10 years now, he is a partner with Jack Marone.  His genre is Electronic or House.  He has also won many competition in the DJ world.

JACK AND RONIN Maron has played 2 years in a row at the Roskilde Festival, which has made them popular among other famous DJs.


He has been a DJ since 2000 and has been known for playing House Music in many nightclubs in Copenhagen.
He has been booked abroad also places like Sweden and Belgium and Ibiza.


Lex is Eclectic DJ who can play all types of music for various events.  He has other DJ played a lot of nightclubs around Copenhagen.  As Patrick has Lex have been abroad, he has even played on Danish radio stations.  He also produce his own tracks of music that has been released by EMI Records.

These are lots of few good things you will experience at the Park Cafe, for more information take a look at their website which is  You will also find events, schedules and other events for the whole year or just look for next weekend’s event, you will never this event might just be for your taste.

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Nord night club – lounge and nightclub for the young at heart!

If you are over 30 years and want to party Nightclub NORD is the place for you!

Nightclub NORD is specifically for fun-loving people over 30 years old!

Nightclub NORD is a fine place, Nightclub NORD is in fact designed with a cozy lounge atmosphere.

There are over 200 seating spaces on site and a great bar with delicious drinks.  The dance floor is so big that you will be blown up with the best dance music the DJs play.
To name the few DJs: DJ Ronin, Jack Marone, Miguel, satanas and CaFo.

Feel like a famous Hollywood star with the good service NORD offers

the tables and the whole place are decorated so nice you feel like a Hollywood star.  The table creates a delicate and delicious casual atmosphere.

Table Bookings or reservations can be made on their website at or by calling the reservation department.  Table reservations requires that you spend minimum dkk 1000 .and of course you must come before midnight.

Events at NORD

There are also special events at NORD you can participate in. Nightclub NORD is also used for Black Dress Company parties where guests arrive in their black and fine costumes.  You can also choose to hold your wedding at NORD, they offer: the good food from their catering partner
For more information, it is best you call NORD.

NORD’s concept

There are plenty of people over 30 who still have nightlife. I like to call them young at heart party people. And most people over 30 years don't feel comfortable in hanging out at the same place as 18 to 25 years old do, this is why nightclub NORD has made the this concept that this nightbar is for people from years old and above.
This place is what you really call the club for the adults.  The songs that are being played here is old school Danish songs.

One of the benefits Nightclub NORD is there is no dress come, come in wearing clothes that you feel most comfortable with. Although the place is elegant and stylish.

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Culture Box – party like a rock star

Culture Box has been known for man y years to transform Shy people into party animals.

Since 2005 Culture Box has been very popular among the night goers, one of the coolest nightclub or disco in town.

Culture Box is close to King's Garden or Kongens Have in Danish, right at the heart of Copenhagen. The Club is known for its House music genre and for playing electronic music.

There are other events that are being held in Culture Box, such as fashion shows and Art Cinemas as well as Clubbing Events. Culture Box is also ideal for Private and Office parties, because of its vast space.

Culture Club size is 350 square meter, the second floor offers main room and bar with lounge area, on the main floor you will floor you will find the dance floor and a small bar.

But do you know what makes this club one of the most popular nightclubs in the region?

Culture Box hasn't gotten he name Culture Box just out of the blue, the nightclub has been named Culture Box precisely because they play different kinds of Music from electronic, House music, Jazz, Hip Hop, RnB and Dubstep, which comes form different cultures.

As most nightclubs in Copenhagen the party at Culture Box around midnight and closes at 6 in the morning. There is of course entrance fee, but it is not that expensive for it only cost you dkk 70 on Fridays and Saturdays. Unless there is a special event in the house.

You can get more information on their website htpp://, here you also find weekly schedule and what events or special events they have next weekend, so you and your friends can prepare for a wild night at Culture Box.
Many well known DJ's play at Culture Box

Well Known DJS such as Dj Graded, DJ Tommi and Collet from UK also plays at Culture Box.

Culture Box is known for its cocktail drinks and their own mix of drinks.

Cuture Box also offers free entrance and you get the best cocktails at a reasonable price every weekend.

Visit their website and read what Culture Box has to offer.

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Bar 7 - a sophisticated night club

A new and elegant sophisticated designed bar

Bar 7 began as a fancy cocktail bar, here you can always expect the best cocktails in town.

Bar 7 is decorated in a sophisticated way with nice soft seats and the club’s decorations gives makes the place perfect.  Everyone is welcome at Bar 7 which is found on Studiestræde 7 Copenhagen.

Simple concept from Bar 7

you find many nightclubs in Copenhagen Denmark, which offers cocktails in various colors and flavors, but Bar 7 are cocktail experts in Copenhagen who offers the best cocktails in town.  Party people aren't just crazy about their cocktails but also the warm atmosphere you sense as soon as you enter the Bar 7 night club.

Bar 7 has invented a concept in their bar that you feel at home.  It’s like being in the comfort of your own living room, the difference is that you get served good cocktails and hear good music and meet new friendly and talkative people.

The bar has 2 floors with a capacity of 250 people, lots of private and open spaces.  The most attractive part of the place is the Mosaic wall and collection of modern art.

Best cocktail in town at the Bar 7 so it is said:

7 Bar cocktail menu is very exciting, their wide list of cocktails will give you the best experience.  Best cocktails at the Bar 7 because you are served by a professional bartender who has knowledge of many cocktails from around the world.

You get a taste of various cocktails such as Martini, MOSCOW MULE, Mojito, Sober MUNK, COM CARPET, Sinners SIP and many others.

Events and private parties at Bar 7

Bar 7 would like to hold on to their relaxed and sexy concept, therefore, they don't have dress code like every other nightclubs in town,   but don't come if you are in your bedtime outfit or wear clothes like you are terrorist on tour, don't need be overdressed to come to Bar 7 but dress nicely if you like.

There is a entrance fee at Bar 7

The entrance payment can vary from what events that is held on Bar 7. For table reservations, the basic rules are make the reservations nights before you are coming to Bar 7, and come before midnight or your table will be given to another guest and you have to order at least one bottle of liquor. The table is yours all night, there is no time limit. For table reservation fee please do visit their website on

For private parties, it is best to take the PRIVATE ROOM, where they also have a pool table, private Pool room can have 100 guests, where the other lounge room can accommodate 25 people. The price can also be seen on their website.

Bar 7 have weekly events where the most popular DJs in Copenhagen are invited to play their own remixes, music such as Raggae, rock n roll and dance music are played on Bar 7.
You can get their event plan on their website at

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Discoteque Downtown in Sæby, Denmark

What a great little place!

More info coming soon!

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