Global - a nightclub and concert scene in Denmark Copenhagen

Global is the Copenhagen's concert scene of world music in all different genre, Ska, Reggae, Balkan, Klezmer.Cumbia. Funk and many more. Every music genre is found here.

Global is to be said the second of Africans ghetto and Rios, from Bulgarian wedding to mystical events. This a place were authentic is being expressed. Are you culture lover. You find different cultures here.

As the club represents both wide selection of the best international and national bands and some of the world's most progressive DJs are invited here at Global. For many Global have experience world's best music, professional productions and they have the best musical systems operated here. Which is one of the reasons why lot international artist choose to have their concert at Global.

Global is wayu to let Danish experience all kinds of music from different part of the world. There arelots of clubbing events and musical events are being held at Global includes festivals, venues, organizations and also WOMEX.

There are also lots of volunteer workers at Global just to experience the world of music.

For tickets to Global's concert

As a general rule you have to get a ticket to see a concert at Global, you have to make the ticket reservations ahead of time. You will find their upcoming concerts and events. You can check their event plan on their website Global

You can also check their prices for concerts.

You find Global Copenhagen at Norre Alle 7 Copenahagen for more information call their office which is open from 10 am to 3 pm.

If you are a musician or sponsor you can contact their marketing Coordinator, here

Global offers good music, beers, cocktails, friendly and service minded staff as well as the best evening of your life.

For pictures of Global Copenhagen go to their Website here

For more pictures and comments on Global Copehagen they have a Facebook account right here

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Nightclub Main Street – partying on a Saturday evening

Main stream is a very famous nightclub in the city.  Free admission until 11.30 pm.  There is no dress code but it’s nice to party with sexy party people.  Look good and have the best night on the Main Stream.

Nightlife has been a part of our weekend routine.  Our weekend will not be complete without a trip into town.  Main Street is precisely what you need after a hard week at the office.

Attractive people are gathered together on Main Street.  There is an age limit here though, this is a place for adults as we speak!
Come as you are on Main street but be sexy.  Do want to go through the Main Street doormen, dress nicely and not too much of a gangster look or Yakuza look.  Come in comfortable clothes or sexy outfit whatever you are comfortable weairng as you have festive mood turned up max.

Main Street open their doors from 09.30pm, here you can already enjoy a good beer and good music.

Main Street as other clubs also hold special events with a DJ, free entry, free bar, cold beer and wide variety of cocktails.

Main Street is a mixture of Pub, Disco, Pool Bodega, that's why it is also open at day time.
You will never e bored at Main Street, there's a lot of things you can do at Main Street, you can drink the night away or dance the night away, you can also play some billiards or Pool whatever you want, you will have a great night here. You can also have your wildest party experience a Main Street Copenhagen Denmark.

You can also have your own private party at Main Street, plan ahead book the tables and the rest is up to Main Street like cleaning up after you and your guests and the music that's being played Main Street will take good care of your party. You can read more about private party reservations here.
You get to experience DJs Donald Lindberg, Martin and Rasmus play their best mix of music from every genre.

The bartenders are professionals who are ready to mix different cocktails for their fun-loving guests.

Are you crazy about Main Street, then join their SMS club where you are constantly updated on what’s going to happen on Main Street.

Main Street is located at Nørregade 3 Kjellerup.

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Rar Bar – cozy nightclub in Aarhus Denmark

Ra bar located in Denmark Aarhus, Jægergårdsgade on an oasis.
Rar bar is closest to a cafe rather than a nightclub or bar.  The Rar Bar has a bar with delicious cocktails and a range of beers and Rar Bar lives up to its name. Rar in Danish means nice.

The staff are nice and you get good service.  The staff is also very service-minded and they can make you feel invited and comfortable all the same.

Are you looking for a wild night in town, Rar Bar is notthe place to be, Rar Bar is more for intimate chatting under the night sky, or inside in their lovely nice night café atmosphere.
Although Rar Bar is a relaxing place and a quite place compared to the nightclubs in town, they still manage to hire a DJ to play for their guests, to know more about the DJs at Rar Bar go to their website at RarBAr

Rar bar can accommodate 200 guests. You can also have your private party at Rar Bar

Rar Bar is nicely decorated with a cozy atmosphere. The name Rar means nice, which really put a thought of the concept. The seats are comfortable and cozy in other words really nice!

The house offers good coffee, different kinds of beer and cocktails, and good interesting food at reasonable prices.  Rar Bar is open from 11 am therefore they breakfast, brunch, salads, burgers sandwiches, homemade toast and desserts.

Soup Club on Rar Bar

Every Saturday the Rar Bar have a Soup club, where the chef prepares three course menu and good music form the best Dj in town, after dinner that is! Soup Club is a all night event, where people come together at Rar bar to dine and hear good music with their good friends. Usually there are lots of people gather together on such occasion. Some start their evening here and move on to their party destination. Here you can also have a warm up with their different cocktails.

Because lots of Aarhus residents love to come to Rar Bar on Saturdays it is required to have a table reservation and you can do that by calling 86 19 60 90 and the event starts from 7. You have 1 hour from 7 pm to come or else the table will be given to another guest.

The price of the soup club,

Private Parties at Rar Bar

Tto have a private party at Rar bar is easy you get your own cook. Lounge area for you and your guests, good music and food to go, meaning if you don't get to eat all the food that has been prepared you are welcome to take it home.

Rar Bar, the name says it all

Concepts of Rar bar is according to their name NICE, this means this is a place for nice intimate evening with your date, your hubby or your girlfriend/boyfriend to be, you can expect good mood from the guests and staff, the place s so cozy that you can't help but be very romantic.

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Disco IN Copenhagen Denmark - a place for electro light lovers!

Discotheque IN is very popular in Copenhagen Denamrk, every weekend the place is full of party lovers from age 18 and above. Disco IN is located at the heart of Copenhagen Denmark, 3 minutes walk from the City Hall.

IN opened its doors for the first time in 1996 and has gained the Copenahgen party animals attention with its wild concept of electro light show. As soon as you pay for the entrance fee, there is free beer at the bar!

Party Mood at IN hasn't change a bit, many people from Copenhagen and other part of the country still choose IN rather than the other night clubs in town for their wildest night in town. The Disco IN will definitely not disappoint those tourists who choose IN for their party nightlife.

DJ team is what disco IN is all about

In invites all the best of the best DJs in the country and from abroad to satisfy their wild audience. Many of these Djs have been across Europe to play their remixes…Disco IN's experience quite a different party atmosphere here, the dance floor is really on fire.

Lots of Djs likes to play at Disco IN because of their advanced equipments and In is probably the owner of the loudest music system in Copenhagen.

You never get thirsty at Disco IN

Despite the massive appearance on IN, you will never experience being in line for your drinks, since IN have 6 bars in the house that ensures the guests will never go thirsty. We all know how it is with other nightclubs when there are many people it will almost take 30 minutes or an hour before you get a drink. At IN you will never have to experience that. In has lots of bartenders and bars around the house. NO matter which floor you find yourself there is a bar right next to you.
Also forget the unpleasant experience getting to a nightclub, IN has it all organized you don't have to wait long to get in they have tons of doormen to check your stuff and get you inside you don't have to wait forever outside.
After Party at Discotheque IN

Most after parties are being held at IN , because IN is open until 10 am in the morning, or until there are guests in the house IN stays open. This is the only nightclub in town that has long opening hours. So if you aren't tired form bar hoping end your wild life at Disco IN they will still serve you drinks even if the sun has risen.

What is electro light show?

Let's get back to electro light show, the one I mentioned above the reason why IN is so popular amongst all nightclubs. If you are not familiar with electro light show let me explain further here.

Light show is show with electronic lights in different colors for better understanding you better see some pictures here

Disco IN owns the largest dance floor in Copenhagen or even in the country,   which is set in the middle of the house.  Dance floor introduce whole house concept is to dance under amazing light show and great music.

The electro lights really attracts the guests to dance all night long, and the best DJ team to make the dance floor even hotter.

Look who’s playing at Disco IN

Discos IN is divided into 3 section,

La Hacienda – a place to warm up with small beverage quiet songs on the speakers or dance music but not quite the wildest rhythm.  La hacienda opens at 11pm, dance floor is still vigorous, and the soft sofas around makes it a very relaxing and intimate place.  La hacienda, the name itself sounds so exotic and it is the concept disco IN will hit at La Hacienda.

La Hacienda still holds the best DJ in the country.  Will you be at the La Hacienda is also a great place to party all night, because good drinks and good music are also offered here!


On the jukebox you can get good bite, a cozy little place.  Here you can sing along to songs with a series of song list on the table.  Somewhat a karaoke bar, here you can warm up before you move on to the electro light show of your night.

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Nightclub Berhardt Aarhus Denmark – the safest club in town

The best thing about Aarhus Denmark, is that there is constantly new things there, new constructions, new stores and new nightclubs. Regarding night clubs they are always so updated with new concept, new themes, latest music and they know how to party.

Berhardt Nightclub is one of the newest nightclubs in Aarhus Denmark, and residents of Aarhus are quite satisfied with the new nightclub. Bernhadt would like to invite 21 years old and above to party at their nightclub.

Bernhardt is located underground with architectural lighting, different wallpaper in a very festive colors and lights.

Bernhardt   is very competitive, their strategy is quite different from the rest nightclubs in Aarhus Denmark. Instead of competing to be the best nightclub in town, they have chosen to bring all nightclubs' concept in one place.

Bernhardt Las Vegas Concept

Bernhardt nightclub has got idea from Las Vegas, a city in the U.S. that never sleeps.They have found a new idea lights in the bathroom changes during the night, mirrors in there actually shows that you are more tanned than you actually are, they call it sin-mirror which is actually really funny, for girls who spent 30 % of their time retouching their make up actually won't have to do it in Bernhardt because the mirror will make you feel sexy all night long.

Music style Bernhardt is between 80s and 90s, Dj can be very creative to spin plates on the DJ console.  The concept is a Bodega and a bar at the same time.

You don't have to miss anything in Bernhardt because everything happens at Bernhardt. Everyone is welcome you just have to be 20 years old and above.

This is Aarhus' safest nightclub in town. They have been very creative with their Surveillance camera. They have installed one in their comfort rooms and at the entrance, and every corner in the nightclub. The bathroom is located at the entrance where the doormen can keep an eye on the guests. Aarhus has invented this idea because most uncomfortable moments happen in the bathroom, also this is to decrease the drug abuse in nightclubs in Aarhus. The safety is not only for the guests but also the parents can feel comfortable knowing that their kids are partying safe.

Surveillance camera is not for the staff can laugh about the guests or point out funny faces on the screen it is for guests can have a good festive evening without losing things or being abused or many other negative experiences.

Bernhardt opens their doors from 11pm and the minimum age is 20 years old but on Saturdays you have to be 22 years old to get into Bernhardt.

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Club Mambo – Be prepared for an evening party that has something to say!

Mambo Club is located on Vester Voldgade 85, a very popular dance club in Copenhagen.

Mambo name says it all, it is Copenhagen’s biggest and first salsatek.  Mambo has Lounge, Cocktail Bar, Restaurant.  Dance School, and even live music scene.  Mambo is also a nightclub for young people on Fridays and Saturdays.

At Club Mambo is also room for more orchestra from different places in the world, they hold various events that you can read more at The Club

Are you really a ballroom lover, well at Mambo you have the opportunity to register for their salsa lessons for free on Thursdays from 20:15 pm till 21st

Mambos 2 bars offers everything from beer to tasty cocktails.

Club Mambo serves Latin American and tropical cocktails at their bar’s.  One of their famous cocktails are Caipirinha is Brazil’s national drink, other famous drinks from the warm countries such as Pina Colada, Mojito, Tequila Sunrise and Margarita.

Also delicious meals are served at Club Mambo, Latin atmosphere and exotic food on the table is what Mambo Club Lounge offers its guests.

Restaurant offers small and large company parties where there is room up to 150 diners.

You can get a All night event from DKK 195 Where you have access to both restaurants and disco and bar, for more information visit their website at The Mambo Restaurant

Events at Club Mambo

Events by Mambo Showdown, Cuban concert, known DJs visiting Latin dance night, and more.

When special events are being held the price is 60 DKK for Entrance fee and it may vary by events held at Club Mambo, it is best that you sign up to Club Mambo newsletter so you never miss a salsa party and other fun party at Club Mambo.

Dance School at Club Mambo.

Learn to dance like latinamerican, Club Mambo have found professional dance instructors to teach you combination of salsa, mambo and bachata.  Registration is necessary as there is limited availability for Club Mambo.

For more information on Club Mambo dance School visit the website here Mambo Dance Studio here you can get a contact number and person.

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Celcius Copenhagen – for RnB and Urban lovers

Celcius existed since 2006, it started as a techno style night club, Celcius has many times changed the style and concept, for in the beginning it didn't caught the Copenhagen resident's attention

From March 2010 Celsius has found a new concept for his nightclub and aimed rnb and urban lovers party people.

Celcius is decorated with stylish and relaxed design, with a great view of Copenhagen's City hall and main city street; Celcius is divided into different rooms, main room with movable furniture in a really good scale design.

3 mobile bars distributed in different rooms

Celsius owns 3 Mobile bars which is distributed in 3 places, there is a main bar which is located in the middle which is the biggest mobile bar in the house. Another mobile bar in the smoking area, and the 3rd mobile bar is located at a more private and intimate area in the house for more intimate talk with your girlfriend or for flirting sessions, this is also a semi private room also good for private parties.

Your own party at Celcius

You can rent Celcius for your own private party, Celcius is willing to cooperate with you to give you a successful celebration.

Celcius have partnership with a variety of restaurants where you can order food from. For more information on private parties' visit their website at Booking Celcius

Celcius is exclusive

This means that you must be on the guest list before you can enter the night club. It also means that you feel safer because everyone inside the bar has a record at the door their contact information and so on. So if something might happen to you, you have all the information from the doorman. And because of this many people feel so much safer.

This also means if you are not on the list then you don't get t come inside. So make sure to make a few phone calls and get your friends and your name on the list if you choose Celcius as your party destination
Music in Celcius

As I said, Celcius chose to play RnB and urban music, but they also invite famous pop star as Nina Sky’s play live on their stage.

They also keep the special events that AZN CON, they also have the country’s best DJs come to visit, they also keep the theme parties such as Halloween Party, New Year’s celebration and many others.  You can enter their website and see what is on the schedule for this weekend at Events Schedule at Celcius

Entrance Fee

At Celcius, the entrance fee at 100kr.  The entrance fee may vary by events.  You must be 18 years old to enter the Celcius and like other clubs in the country dress code rules such as no head clothing, no visible tattoos, nice shoes, nice blouses, men no armless t-shirts allowed and no baggy pants that could look like a machine gun could fit in there. Dress nice and casual.

Everybody is welcome just don't look too suspicious for the doorman to reject you.

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La Tequila Bar – finest cocktail bar in Odense Denmark

La Tequila Bar is located at Vintappersstræde Odense Denmark, where you can get cocktails in reasonable price, everything form famous, exotic cocktail and their own mix of cocktail drinks.

If you are a cocktail lover, you will love La Tequila Bar, they serve many famous cocktails, there are also mixed bottles, foreign beers and the best of all tequila shots which will only cost 10 danish kroner.

La Tequila Bar is known for its 10 kr tequila shots, cocktails for the price 65 DKK

La Tequila Bar is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 pm to 05 am, and the minimum age   is 20 years old. If you need a place for a good Saturday night party, La tequila Bar is the place for you. They also offer besides the reasonable pricing of their tequila and cocktails, they offer 1 hour free beer.
Winter time in Odense Denmark, but La tequila can change that!

La tequila Bar bring forth the exotic beach reasort to you, this means that La tequila Bar has decorated their nightclub in an exotic setting, with beach sand on the floor, Hawaiin Decoras on the wall, surf board and speed boats in the corner of the bar. The bar itself look so exotic you will think that you are in another country. Let your imagination fill the evening, imagine yourself you are in a sunny beach in Thailand or somewhere exotic. Nevertheless La tequila Bar has made small cabins for their guest made of bamboo, with really charming decorations.
See some pictures of La Tequila Bar

La Tequila Bar Beach bar concept, that one feels one is on vacation in the exotic countries.  Accommodation at LA Tequila Bar is quite exotic, staff at La Tequila Bar has their Hawaiian costume or Mexican or Cuban outfits.

Private party with Hawaiian theme or beach party theme

You can have your private party at La Tequila Bar, you can choose to have a theme party where you and your guests have Hawaiian concept or beach party theme. La tequila Bar offer one hour free Carlsberg beer for you and your guests. You can contact LA Tequila Bar

Special Events at LA Tequila Bar

You can always expect good party atmosphere at La Tequila Bar, and if you want to be a part of La Tequila Bar VIP on their special events such as Baywatch, J day or be updated whenever they have special events you should go to their website and get a membership.

No matter what the events are the prices don't change and you can always expect 10 danisk kroner for their tequila shots and 65 danish kroner for their cocktails and you can have side dish as well because their kitchen also offer exotic food. You can read more on their website.

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The Australian Bar – Pool, live music and cheap drinks

General Information on the Australian Bar Copenhagen Denmark

Australian Bar pool is located at Vestergade 10, 2 minutes walk from Stroget or the Shopping Street.
Australian bar started to be a place where you can play Billiards or Pool Bar where you can enjoy their delicious cold beer and other cocktails while playing pool with friends.

Australian bar have longer opening hours than most Nightclubs in Copenhagen, Denmark,   precisely because it is also a partial Billiard Pool bar.

On weekends, is open from 5pm till 6am

Why is Australian Bar and Pool Bar popular?

Australian bar is a very relaxed place to be, all the people you meet in the house is down two earth people that you can easily be friends with, you can easily make new friends at the Australian Bar.

Not only do they serve beer and drinks at reasonable good prices, but they have also found a new concept which they call 10 kroner bar. This means that you get a tequila shot for only 10 danish kroner

Everyone is welcome and can you come as you are!

Australian Bar or by the young people call it today A-bar, you can come in whatever clothes you are most comfortable with. And the entrance fee is very reasonable.
Their slogan is “All are welcome but be nice!”

That means that whoever you are, whatever style you have you are certainly welcome as long as you are nice and take considerations of others. Like all other nightclubs in town Australian Bar don't want to get into trouble or have their guests feel uncomfortable.

You can of course visit their website and check out their rules and regulations as well as their dress codes at Australian Bar

Australian Bar can be rented out for private parties

Like other clubs, you have the opportunity to rent Australian Bar for your private party.  You can of course expect that your guests will not get bored, the Pool tables are for you and your guests alone.

The best part is that it is FREE to have private parties at A-bar, all you have to do is invite a whole bunch of joyful and fun party loving people your private party.  You can have the place for you and your guests from 8 pm to 11 pm, after than everyone has access to the Pool bar.

VIP at the Australian Bar

If you are satisfied with A-bar you have the opportunity to get VIP card by visiting their website VIP

You can send them an email where you want the VIP card, VIP card get you and a friend free access to the bar for the rest of the year.  You get invitations to VIP events, you get also a whole different price for playing Pool.

All that A-bar wants from you in return is that you help give flyers, posters and tickets at either your workplace or school.

LIVE music at the A-bar
You are the Dj at A-bar, you decide what songs to play on the speakers while you have a good time laying pool or drinking at bar with a friend or 2. A-bar has an electronic DJ machine, where you insert a coin choose your favorite song and press play. It only costs you 2 danish kroner per song.

You can ask the bartender to play your own mixed CD if you ask nicely!

Get more information on their website Australian Bar

here you can also get contact information if you would like to reserve a table TOTALLY FREE on Australian Bar!!

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KOMA – new nightclub in Odense

KOMA's concept is to give Odense, Denmark the best nightlife with good quality music and great celebration. The KOMA's goal is to change how the Danes party by collecting the best DJs in the country to shake the city Odense.

KOMA offers good drinks, cocktails and music that moves across the dance floor.  You never get time to sit down.

Music from foreign star like
› Denis Horvat
› Jeasn Von Baden
› Jonas Sellberg
› Simon Le Bon
› Thomas Funck

And many more famous names will come and be a part of your evening’s highlight.

It is better if you get a table reservation if you have decided to spend a Saturday night at KOMA, the bar and dance floor as well as the seats can easily be filled with party people from Odense, Denmark.

By table reservation it is a must that you are at least 4 people sharing a table and with the price you get a free bottle of liquor.

Table reservations can be made on this number 30 80 90 21

KOMA have balconies where guests have the opportunity for your dating partner to talk in peace and quite.

Age limit

KOMA is open every Saturday from 11 pm to 5 am, and you must be minimum 18 years old to be invited in to KOMA

KOMA bar and disco

KOMA offers the best cocktails in town, you can't miss the big bar it is located in the middle of everything. It is also a kitchen and a bar at the same time, you find the chief preparing meals. You don't get out of KOMA without having to taste their cocktails which is the very best in town. This Place is called KOMA, and they live up to their name, with their really good cocktails you and the best party music and great ambiance, you will be knocked out like you were in a coma the next day.
KOMA promoter JONAS BACK STROM has ensured that Odense residents never experience a dull evening or night in Odense, Denmark.

KOMA is located at BRANDT CROSSING 37

Anyone over 18 years are welcome all you need to bring is your party mood.
The country's best Dj;s are invited to give Odense residents a reasonable mixed music of all types.

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